Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Orleans Manor serves full crowd its last night

Marissa DeCuir • June 11, 2008

Doug Wright waves to customers leaving the New Orleans Manor restaurant on its last night Tuesday, June 10, in Nashville, Tenn. Wright's mother opened the restaurant in 1977 and the family lived in the upstairs of the manor for the first ten years. Wright is not sure what he will do after the restaurant closes and speculates he will need to find a job.

New Orleans Manor turned down about 200 people hoping to eat at the seafood restaurant one last time Tuesday night.

The restaurant was alive as ever, but owner Douglas Wright said that shouldn’t be mistaken for a retirement party.

Plagued with seven years of nearby road construction and most recently the smoking ban, the Wrights couldn’t keep the family business alive after more than 30 years.Wright’s mother opened the restaurant in 1977.

The final decision to close came Monday morning, and Wright was hoping to last until today.But because the restaurant received so many calls for reservations, it served its last meal Tuesday night instead.Wright said he was not sure what would happen to the Colemare Mansion, which housed the Manor since its opening.

Wright said he would be interested in subletting the remainder of his lease, two and a half years, with the mansion's owner, the Nashville International Airport.

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