Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nashville celebrates Great American Cleanup Month… May 2008

The Alliance of District 29 Cleaned-up and Cleaned-Out, May 24th and May 31st, 2008.

Give yourself a big round of applaud for the outstanding turn-out for our May 24th Great American Clean-Up Day. Close to 200 residents turned out for the Greatest Clean-up Day in District 29 history. Simply Awesome!! On this day, you re-painted your street numbers, picked up trash, shredded your confidential documents, donated clothing and cell phones and threw away unneeded large appliances and furniture that was not worth giving to anyone.

What a day. Everyone enjoyed the fried fish cooked right before your hungry eyes (next year the food will be ready right at the beginning of eating time and don’t forget, we will need a first aid kit too for an even better clean-up). To all the neighborhood watches, associations and neighbors, you get and deserve a standing ovation.

We concluded our Great American Clean-Up efforts with “Sign-Off” Day on Saturday, May 31st at 6 am in the morning (yes you read it right 6 AM. Ok I got there at 6:30 AM). I guess you are wondering what is Sign-Off Day? Sign-Off Day is when a group of neighbors or neighborhood group get together and remove signs out of the right-of-ways and off of poles and stop signs.

A group of us, Lena, Ann, Mike, James, Mark, Gloria and yours truly removed signs from the public right of ways. I think that we should make this a monthly event, what do you think? Ok we will. You must agree that all of these signs in the right of ways are an eyesore and many times they look tacky. Email me if you would like to join us for our next “Sign-Off” morning.

Thank You Friends of the Alliance of District 29

Thank you! to the following community businesses that helped make our Alliance of District 29 Great American Clean-Up Day and Sign-Off Day a B-I-G S-U C C E S S.

Metro Beautification Commission (Thank you Veronica and Lawrence), Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods, Starbucks Coffee, Kryspie Kreme, Sambucka Barbershop, Shred-It (Thank you Decosta), Goodwill Industries, Call to Protect and especially to Ms. Phyllis’s husband for being the impromptu fish fryer at the picnic after the clean-up.

A Very Special Thank-You to Una Church of Christ

A Special thanks to the entire congregation of Una Church of Christ for providing the location. It was absolutely a great location. Sister Tanner and Brother were wonderful with their help with the logistics, truly God sent. Everything ran very smooth. Thank you Ms. Lena for proposing this location.

Thanks to Fire Engine 33/35 for stopping by. You were a big help!

Here are a few highlights of the Clean-up day:

Bayview held a successful neighborhood yard sale the week prior. I found some good deals. My dog Feebie is enjoying the mats

Castlegate spruced up their gateway entrances. The Sharps really do have green thumbs. I hope those shrubs worked out! Smile!

Cedar Cliff NW re-painted street addresses. Jerry is a Rembrandt I hear.

Edge O Lake pack picked up debris in the area. Vicky provided morning refreshments.

Forest View/ Forest Pointe combined their efforts and picked up debris in the area and held a yard sale one week prior.

The Greens residents organized the McDonald House drink tabs collection.

Nashboro Woods held an awesome neighborhood yard sale. Re-painted entrance signs (unexpected, I would say).

Percy Priest Meadows lent a hand to area neighbors by bring items to the drop-off for those who could not get to the clean-up. Jerry you can really drive a truck.

Priest Lake Park NW provided logistics and organization.

Una NW picked up debris in the area one week prior.

The "GREEN"S" represented by Mindy Schwartz and Taryn Simpson.

Thank you to Mr. Leon.

A great and hard-working time was held by all. Check out the pictures (taken by Mindy Schwartz)! Thank you once again!


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