Thursday, June 26, 2008

Castlegate Drive - Vivian Wilhoite

Dear District 29 Neighbors: As you may be aware, a shooting occurred between yesterday and this morning on Castlegate Drive in District 29. Below is the news release provided by Commander Michelle Richter of the Hermitage Precinct. I will provide you update as more information is released. This is an unfortunate incident but please also know that I continue to request more patrolling in all of District 29 and will continue to work with the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD)-Hermitage Precinct to push for such patrolling in our District. As many of you may know, we recently passed a Budget that fully funded (MNPD) that also includes a local DNA Laboratory. After the next graduation police class, the MNPD will be fully staffed meaning more officers to patrol Nashville communities. The Hermitage Police Department have always cooperated with our community in doing all that they can to address these type of occurrences and more. We will continue this work. If you would like to contact me regarding this matter, as always, I appreciate the opportunity to discuss any concern that you may have. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Gratefully, Vivian

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