Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crime Update Information FYI

Precinct: South Detail: Precinct: South Detail: B-Shift, Patrol Major Event Information Significant Event * A tractor trailer driver for New Prime Inc. stopped at 13011 Old Hickory Blvd (TA Truck Stop) around 6:45 pm. He was inside the TA Truck Stop washing some clothing and getting something to eat. He stated that he was inside the TA for approximately 15 minutes. When he came out he noticed his dog running loose in the parking lot and his tractor and trailer missing. He stated that the vehicle had pharmaceutical drugs in the trailer of the vehicle. The e xact value of the contents of trailer is unknown but he stated that it's in the millions. Auto Theft Detective responded to the scene. No suspect information is known. The investigation is ongoing. Update from Vivian Wihoite

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