Friday, May 2, 2008

Antioch house fire

Leigh Ray (Tennessean) • A man died after a house fire Thursday night on Roxanne Drive in Antioch. When firefighters arrived, neighbors were knocking on windows and doors trying to rouse the resident. Details: Nashville firefighters responded to the call shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday to a fire in the 500 block of Roxanne Drive, according to Nashville Fire Department spokesman Joaquin Toon. Several neighbors had called reporting the fire, with suspicion that the homeowner was still inside. When a fire crew arrived on the scene seven minutes after the call, the whole first floor was on fire, Toon said. Firefighters found a resident in a bedroom on the second floor. "We believe he might have been trying to exit the home because he was found on the floor of the bedroom and not his bed," Toon said. The cause of the fire has not been determined, but it appears to have started on the first floor because that floor sustained the most damage, Toon said. "We transported the victim with critical injuries and presumably smoke inhalation to Southern Hills (Medical Center), where he was pronounced dead," Toon said. No firefighters were injured, and no one else was in the home, fire and police officials said. When the first fire engine arrived, neighbors were knocking on windows and doors trying to rouse the resident, Toon said. Also, when fire crews arrived, they heard a smoke or heat alarm sounding. Fire officials are not certain if the resident could not hear the alarm or the fire was so bad it prevented him from exiting the home. Five fire stations from South Nashville responded to the fire, which was in a neighborhood located between Ocala Drive and Bell Road. The victim is believed to have been about 56 years old, Metro police said.

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