Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What to do if you cannot find your animal by Vivian Wilhoite

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer we tend to let our pets out in the backyard or on a lead in back of your house more during this time of year. I want to supply you all with some information that you should keep handy if your pet wanders off. These tools were used by friends that had their dog taken out of their yard last week. I am happy to say they have received their dog back and everyone is happy. 1)If you feel that your animal was taken please call the police at 862-8600 and make them aware of the situation. 2)Stop by the Metro Animal Services every few days to look for your pet. 3)Call the Nashville Humane Association at 352-1010 or visit them at 213 Oceola Avenue off of Whitebridge Road. 4)Contact local Veterinary Clinics. Most will let you post a picture of your pet in their office and will also keep their eyes open in case a animal matching your description is brought in. 5)Post flyer's around your neighborhood (mail boxes, local stores, delivery pizza restaurant's, etc) 6)Place an add in local newspapers and local websites (Tennessean, craigslist). Also check these sites for animals found. 7)If you happen to find a pet and take into your house for safe keeping follow the above information I hope no one will ever need to use these steps but, just in case...Print and keep in a handy place just in case..If you know someone that has pets and does not have access to a PC and pass information onto them. Thanks, Vivian Wilhoite

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