Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vivian Wilhoite promotes better health and a cleaner environment and also to saves some gas money..that is why she rides her bicycle to work

First stop this Saturday Morning is at "Starbucks" for a hot cup of coffee!

Then she heads over to the First Tennessee Bank for her Office Hours.

She makes it over to First Tennessee Bank and seemed to be ok...

After listening to concerns from District 29 residents, it was time to go home.

Have a safe ride home Vivian!

I bet you thought when I said that I was riding my bicycle to work, you thought I was riding to my downtown office? That will happen in my next life. Huh? Who are you kidding?

Vivian stated that she is also trying to promtote better health and a cleaner environment. Thus the reason for ridding her bicycle. Her photograher (who was in her car), said Vivian Where is your Helmet???

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