Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Occurrence Last Week at Antioch High School

As promised, this is to provide you with my findings regarding an occurrence at Antioch High School last week. According to Lt Hudgins of Hermitage Precinct, an April fool’s joke designed as a hit list was posted on Myspace. The note used explicit language and racial slurs. It mentioned teacher name(s). Instead of those who say it reporting it, according to Lt. Hudgins, it was emailed to others and in some case; names were added to the note. Lt. Hudgins stated that they immediately investigated the email by interviewing those mentioned in the email as well as back tracking the message posted. Taken from Lt. Huggins email, he further stated: "The detectives followed this information from a myspace posting and texting to the source; the original persons responsible have been identified and addressed. This did lead to many exaggerated reports or threats. It expanded as it was forwarded from student to student to parent etc... The students reported this was done as an April fools day prank that spun out of control. Thanks in advance, Lt. Damian Huggins. First, we need you to help stop the forwarding of the email that was posted on my space. I have seen the posting and it is just too explicit to post. Second, inform others about this occurrence. Third, if you or your children feel concern about safety, please discuss your concerns with Aimee Wyatt, 641-5400, principal of Antioch High or Lt. Huggins at M.N.P.D. Hermitage Precinct, A Detail (0600 Hrs. - 1430 Hrs.), Office 880-1776. Talk to your children to let them know that jokes like these are taken seriously. Lt Huggins agreed to contact or have his appointee contact the neighbor that contact me about the car driving suspiously in the neighborhood. This will be posted on my blog. Thanks you for your patience. as it will be posted on my blog. Vivian Vivian Wilhoite Metro Council, District 29 Visit www.vivian-29.blogspot.com for up-to-date information in and around District 29.

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