Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Men at Work - Part 2 - Scott Couch

Acting on a tip, we began following Metro Public Works crews in January. Over the course of 6 random days we saw some crews working hard, while others took it easy. We showed what we found to Metro Public Works Director Billy Lynch, who wasn't happy with what he saw. He says the actions of a few reflect poorly on a 4-hundred member department filled with hard-working people. Lynch says he isn't bothered by employees who make a quick stop at the bank on payday or running into a market on metro time to get a drink, but he takes exception to sleeping on taxpayer time. Public works employees get two 15-minute breaks during their shift and a 30-minute lunch break. But our investigation also discovered a time-keeping policy at public works that's ripe for abuse. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE MUST SEE, VERY INTERESTING.

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