Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Ronal Serpas: Police Dept. Cuts Could Put Nashville At Risk"

Metro Mayor Karl Dean is asking every department to cut back by five, ten, or fifteen percent. Police Chief Ronal Serpas says that those cuts would put Nashville at risk. Serpas said, “A five percent cut immediately stops the aggressive hiring program and at that moment we start going backwards.” Nashville is currently at it's lowest crime rate in 17 years. Chief Ronal Serpas stressed the reduction came while the police department also cut costs below its $151 million budget. But, he says more money must be added to increase patrols, and work closer with Metro schools. “I think you have an... ... interest in seeing truancy reduction. Obviously the schools do and courts do, and I just want to thank you for being so cooperative on that, " Mayor Karl Dean said. Chief Ronal Serpas also called for the creation of a Metro DNA lab to help the overburdended TBI system, and increase revenue. Initial costs for the stand-alone facility would run $1 million, and then $250,000 to maintain it every year. Copyright 2008 by WKRN Nashville Tennessee. All Rights Reserved.

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