Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woman, 74, Attacked By Purse Snatcher

Mary Hamilton Attacked While Returning Home From Shopping Reported By Cynthia Williams POSTED: 4:40 pm CST February 15, 2008 UPDATED: 7:06 pm CST February 15, 2008 NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A 74-year-old Antioch woman who was headed home with a Valentine's Day surprise for her husband was attacked by a purse snatcher who was hiding in her garage. Video: Antioch Woman, 74, Attacked By Purse Snatcher Mary Hamilton is a petite woman with four grandchildren, but she was not a pushover for the attacker. "He came from in between those two houses and when I turned, he was right in my face," said Hamilton. It was broad daylight on Thursday when Hamilton returned home with a few bags of groceries and a special surprise for her husband, Jim, of 50 years. Cradling Jim's hyacinth, and managing a balancing act with an arm load of groceries, Hamilton couldn't have been more astonished at realizing she wasn't alone in her garage. "And he was here and he just started grabbing, and I realized what he was doing he was trying to get my purse," said Hamilton. The stranger took off with her purse and she went right after him. "He took off running, and I took off running after him because I wanted to see which way he was going," said Hamilton. The purse snatcher got away, but not without a fight. "I hurt my hand, and it does hurt," said Hamilton. At home on Friday, she expressed few regrets about how she handled the situation. "I work out. No, I'm not afraid," said Hamilton. Despite her toughness, she is thankful to still be around for her children, grandchildren and husband. "Oh yes, thankful. Yes ma'am, because it could've been bad," said Hamilton. Channel 4 spoke with Metro Police on Friday, and they said they do have some good leads in this case, but no one has been arrested. Hamilton said she was glad the thief escaped with her Liz Claiborne bag and not her more expensive Coach purse. To watch video "Click Here"

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