Friday, February 8, 2008

District 29 Crime Update Meeting Minutes

District 29 Crime Update Meeting Minutes Hermitage Police Precinct Thursday February 7, 2008 A very big thank you to the members of the Priest Lake Presbyterian Church for the opportunity to conduct the Crime Update Meeting at their church. Council Lady Vivian Wilhoite, presiding Opening of the Meeting –Prayer by Reverend Paul Burns Introduction of the of the Guest Speaker-Council Lady Vivian Wilhoite Discussed the continuous meetings to keep everyone abreast of the crime situation I District “29” and through the entire Nashville area. Thanked everyone from the community for attending the meeting. Introduced Chief Ronal Serpas Metropolitan Nashville Davidson Police Department- Chief Ronal Serpas 1) He states that they are only notified of about ½ the crimes that have been committed. • The department has stopped reading fiction about how to police people • Have a professional police attitude- every person should be helped by a police person no matter what the problem • The police have started to do things to help people better 2) Auto theft has not been lower then it is now (2007 reports) 3) Burglaries are lower now then they were in 1965 4) People that are releases from prisons are the ones causing most of the crimes 5) January 1, 2008 “Crooks with Guns” law is passed. Repeat offenders that are affected the most by this law. 6) Out of 70% of armed robberies, 40% of the crimes committed are by criminals that have been convicted on a felony charge. 30% have committed some type of crime. This is an ongoing, uphill battle. 7) Narcotic arrests higher now then ever before. Dealers are running a business and they are only concerned about making money. A drug arrest that takes place in a car where there is also a gun found carries a stiffer penalty. 8) Gangs- the idea of gangs has been going on for a long time. The differences with the gangs we have now are that members change to other gangs and they are not looking to make a lifetime commit to any one gang. 9) Some kids might dress like they are in gangs but they are not. The new dress code has helped this situation. 10) From August 2007 through October 2208 three days a week time are spent to monitor gangs and their activities. Extra money spent on overtime has been used to control gang problems. What is needed for the next four years have a stronger police department and be able to obtain more officers 1) Need to be able to offer better pay and benefits to be able to obtain more police 2) Better education for the community 3) More Precincts in Nashville 4) More Precinct Staffing 5) Need to have DNA lab- being able to use DNA samples would solve more crimes 6) Trying to get some Police Officers to patrol neighborhoods 7) Crimes against you are usually by some one you know Questions for Chief Ronal Serpas Q) What about the safety at Bicentennial Mall? A) Perhaps better lighting and different policing methods In general, Nashville has a higher % of crime reduction than other cities. Q) What does a Sheriff do? A) Not a law official, maintance of prisons and prisoners, serving warrants. The Police department has the criminal responsibility. Introduction of Commander Michelle Richter - Hermitage Precinct If you see a criminal try and get a good description of person, car, anything you can get to help. There was a 3% decrease in the crime rate in 2007. Questions of Michelle Richter Q) Man and woman that are homeless keep coming into Cablegate, what can we do? A) Nothing unless they are committing a crime or panhandling. Q) Nashboro Village – What about the high crime rate? A) Nashboro Village has been a roller coaster ride. Management has been working hard to correct issues. They have changed the Section 8 status. Met with management to try and get better lighting. Q) Are there many gangs around here? A) Not really, just a few. At one point there was a gang issue when they were living in vacant apartments. Q) In Cane Ridge there is a new High School is being built, have the police evaluated what will happen with the gangs between Antioch High School and the new one? A) They will have support there. The new dress code is making a large difference. Q) Vivian Wilhoite asked how we can obtain truancy reports? A) Looking to have a link added to this blog Q) Are the Police around when blasting is happen? A) NO, but if people think the vibrations are too much, make the police department aware and they can find someone to measure the blasting. If blasting is going to happen and you are within 300 feet you should be notified by the city. Q) The speeding around Antioch has gotten worse. Can you post a speed limit? A) It is a societal problem and is very difficult to change Q) I have been living in the condos in the Nashboro Village area for 7 years and feel the crime rate has drastically increased. A) Setup a Neighborhood Watch Closing by Vivian Wilhoite That is the crime update. These meetings are for the public to voice their concerns. We need to strengthen our relationship with the Police Department. Further updates will be posted, to keep the district up-to-date on all important issues. It is very important that more people start getting involved and attend the Crime Update Meetings. If you know people in your neighborhood that might not have access to a Computer please make them aware of the meetings. Spread the word and let’s strengthen “District 29” and make our neighborhoods a great place to live. Posted on the side of the blog are important phone numbers to keep on hand to report a crime or information concerning possible drug activity. Do not be afraid to use them. Crime Stoppers 74-CRIME (742-7463) Drug Activity 244-DOPE (244-3673) You do not have to give your name! Just make the call! Start a Neighborhood Watch Group. If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Group in your neighborhood please send an email to fullcircle148@aol and leave name, area you live and contact information. Have a great Weekend! Posted by MS


Anonymous said...

To preface my post, I am a recent graduate of a Davidson County University residing in Nashboro Village. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Accounting and am working full time in the public sector. I am not a police officer, just a concerned resident, voter, and taxpayer.

If the Police Department is only notified about 50% of the offenses that occur, how can they be sure crime is down?? What if fewer people are calling the police department because they are less effective as they have been in the past. I had dinner with a police officer just the other night. He stated that some officers are instructed to wait out their response time to see if people 'forget.' This systematic manipulation is a spiraling slope that cues offenders that no action will be taken. Metro Nashville Police Department has a free reign over what occurs in house and in our streets. There is only one person that anyone is accountable to: the Chief. The Chief should be accountable to the Metro City Council. The Council needs to launch an information seeking mission into the state of mind of current police officers with special attention given to those with plenty of experience. These are the people out on the streets, not the Chief.

Furthermore, I really hate the view people have that issues are solved with more money. Police officers are retiring early, or just out-right quitting, because of the new systems and policies Chief Serpas instated. We don't need more, we need better! Hiring, training, and equipping new officers is more expensive than keeping those we have and offering them advanced training.

Anonymous said...

Ok been there and have the you attend any of the meetings regarding the community of Nashboro Village or better yet have you attended any meetings regarding budgets? If you have not then you cannon answer as you did. You must attend meetings to see what is going on..Living in Nashboro Village do you have bullet holes in your house or car from the shootings last week?

Anonymous said...

I assume with such a quick response I am either talking with a blog administrator or with Mrs. Wilhoite. I applaud you for receiving your degrees and having “been there.” Nevertheless, you have not been where I have been and I have not been where you have been. Therefore, I believe we come from different experiences and most likely have different viewpoints.

I have both attended budget hearings and watched them on TV. Sometimes I go so far as printing the budgets out and analyzing them to see how our County allots funds. Your criticism is analogous to me saying you cannot disagree with what the Country is doing if you have not gone to or watched Senate hearings. Please do not be so limited in your scope. I pay taxes, read the newspaper, and even read this blog. I do not think anyone should be held to the standard that if you do not go to regular meetings or hearings that you cannot voice your opinion. But I digress. My contentions still stand and go unanswered.

Have you talked with police officers? Do you know what they are truly feeling and thinking? Or, do you just hear numbers and accept them? I am not out to start a fight or even stir the waters. I know Mrs. Wilhoite works very hard and does a great job! I really enjoy having her as my Council Rep. And no, I do not have bullet holes in my car or house. I do have neighbors that had their house broken into and car stolen. This is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed for the safety of our families and communities. We are developing a bad reputation in Davidson County. Not only will this affect our physical life, it will affect us financially because no one will want to move into our community.