Friday, February 29, 2008

Audit: Metro Schools must improve morale, teacher training

By JAIME SARRIO • Staff Writer (Tennessean) • February 29, 2008 Metro Schools must improve leadership, professional development for teachers and parent involvement if it’s going to meet No Child Left Behind requirements, according to a state audit of the district released Friday. The audit focused on the district’s performance and the areas it needs to improve to make progress under federal law. Metro Schools is in “corrective action” status, meaning it’s failed to meet education requirements for four years in a row. As a result, the state now has a say in the district’s affairs. The audit found that moral in the district is low and there is not a clear understanding of expectations from students or teachers and staff. The district also purchases programs that don’t help students meet state testing goals, said Connie Smith, the Tennessee Department of Education official who coordinated the audit. Board members said many of the findings weren’t surprising and that they will work with the state to make sure the recommendations are enacted. Check back to for more details.

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