Friday, January 4, 2008

S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y is Priceless

Posted on January 3rd 8:45 p.m. Hello fellow constituents! I am just in from the two (2) meetings on Security for the Metro Schools and the Election Commission. The meetings were held live on Metro 3 channel. Here’s the scoop and what I proposed. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions and concerns. Update on Security for Metro Schools Mr. Ralph Thompson of Metro Schools, Commander Joseph Bishop of the Police Department and police staff that assist in School Resources appear before Metro Council members to provide an update on security in our schools, specifically at our school events such as basketball and football games. The stated that there will be random search of cars, wand detection at entrances and stronger relations with the Metro police to address any potential disruption such as gang fights. I understand that tips are provided to Metro School staff through various means. -I requested that they establish a TIP line such as the GUN line. There should be one line, monitored at all times and the telephone number should be advertised all through the school, be on letter head, provided on school report cards. Of course callers would be anonymous. The telephone number can be established instantly. -I also requested that search monitoring should be done at all times at all entrances at all school events. We cannot afford to anything for granted. Mr. Thompson agreed to incorporate these suggestions. Update to come. Update on Security at our Election Commission Ms. Nancy Whittemore, Director of General Services, Ms. Sandy Cole Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) and Mr. Ray Barrett, Director of Metro Election Commission provided what they have done and will be doing to address the lack of security of protecting personal information placed on a laptop that was stolen from the Election Commission. What do we know? I am giving you the key things. - A head did roll. The security guard that was alledgely on duty (well, not on duty) has been fired. Other things were stolen but nothing indicates that it was an inside job. General Services provided a list of changes that they will be incorporating. (I requested a copy of the contract that Metro has with the security company.) - A letter is coming. Notification letters to consumers is being sent….some 10 days later. According to state law, notification must be provided within a reasonable amount of time. I guess 10 days is reasonable. (I ask that more immediate steps be taken to notify the three (3) credit bureaus and agreed with Council Parker Toler that a telephone line be established to assist in obtaining the fraud alert) - The police report that you will need to get a FREE 90 day fraud alert placed on our account must be downloaded from the website. (Humm what if I do not have a printer, better yet, what if I do not have computer. I requested that every person should receive a copy of the police report by mail and that it should have been attached to the notification letter.) - ITS department will only suggest to various departments how to handle sensitive information. Departments can do what they want. They are not required to take the necessary steps to protect sensitive information. (I requested that ITS take the necessary steps to REQUIRE departments to sign a notice of understanding if their responsibility includes the handling of sensitive data and that mandatory education be provided.) At one point in the meeting, Councilmember Edith Langster made a personal plead to the person who could be watching the meeting to return the item and she went as far to state that they could place the laptop on her front steps or any of the council members’ front door steps, no question asked. Here is my plea: Please do not place it on my front steps or anywhere near my home. Take it back to where you got it with a note that states, “I am so very sorry. I did not realize that by taking this would cause such a stir."

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