Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Metro Council meets on "Security" in Our Metro Public Schools

Tomorrow, January 3, 2008 is a big day for SECURITY in Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning at 4:30 pm, the Public Safety Committee of the Metro Council has requested representatives of Metro School and Metro Police to appear before the Council to provide an update on security problems in our public schools. Some of you may recall that a recent school's basketball game had to be called off due to a potential gang fight that had been brewing. Officials believe that the brewing gang dispute could reach its plateau at the basketball game. The answer appeared to be to keep your children home to prevent the fight breakout. Well, I believe that if they do not fight at a school basketball game, they will find somewhere else to have their fight with an audience to booth. We look forward to the update on this important SECURITY matter. After the 4:30 pm meeting tomorrow with Metro School and Metro Police, the Public Safety Committee have also requested specific government officials to appear before the Committee at 5:30 pm to address SECURITY concerns of the recent theft of computers that held personal information of over 300,000 Davidson county voters. (See previous post on this). It is important to note that these meetings are open to the public. However, the public will not be allowed to speak. I need to hear from you any of your concerns, questions, comments that you have by going to You can also email me while the meetings are in process. I will be watching for your emails. I expect that the meetings, particularly relating to the Election Commission will be standing room only. But don't fret; the meetings will be televised live on Metro 3 and as it should be. I thank you Councilmember Craddock for requesting that these meetings be televised. For enquiry minds that cannot travel downtown to these meetings....they still want to know.

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