Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IT's Blooper...But No Sensitive Info on Laptop This Time

Another Laptop was stolen. This is the statement from Sandy Cole, IT Director: Subject: Sandy's statement to press This is what she sent to press that asked about it: A laptop belonging to IT'S employee, John Griffey, was stolen out of his locked car at his home in Franklin, TN. The theft was immediately reported to Franklin Police and Metro authorities when the break-in was discovered. The serial number of the laptop was also reported to Dell Computers. IT'S technicians are required to be available for emergencies on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week basis. Laptops are provided to those employees to facilitate rapid resolution of issues and are to be taken home with them at night and on weekends. No Public sensitive information was stored on this laptop, nor is any public sensitive information necessary or used by this employee. Mr. Griffey uses encryption as a normal business practice. Metro deeply regrets that an employee and Metro property were victims of an apparent random burglary with unfortunate but coincidental timing several weeks following the Election Commission break-in. Inventory control processes are in place for those departments for whom ITS has desktop responsibility and status reports are provided to those departments during the budget cycle to assure accuracy and accountability are maintained. Security policies in place within the department are confidential based upon the following Tennessee Code Section: Title 10. Public Libraries, Archives and Records Chapter 7 Public Records Part 5 Miscellaneous Provisions § 10-7-504. Confidentiality of certain records

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